A Small Startup With A Big Vision

What if we could change the world? What if we could improve our lives and bring us together? What if we could build apps that are out of this world that could help accomplish all these things? That's the kind of philosophy we live by. We start with the BIG questions in order to create REAL solutions. We have a deep passion for innovation and technology! And we want to make a positive impact in people's lives and this is one way we feel we can contribute.


Business Cards Of The Future




Business cards are coming into the 21st century by going digital! Handout and receive cards without limits. Create as many designs as you want. Customize what you share with who in a few clicks. And so much more!


The ultimate in business card design is coming to your fingertips! WIth an easy to use, intuitive interface, Tapiolla's card designer will have you drooling over your designs - just make sure you have your phone protector.



Save, organize and automatically stay up to date with all your contacts! Send automated reminders and notifications. Search the database with ease. Never lose a card again! And so much more!

The Future Of Fashion Retail


One Company - One People - One Solution

Leading Innovation!

We take innovation to a completely new level!  When we get down to designing new apps and grinding the think tank, what comes out is nothing short of astonishing!

We're not here to simply remodel existing apps and technologies. We're here to invent new and better ways for us all to enjoy the fruits of our modern era in ever expanding ways. We are here to make the coolest apps you've ever seen, period!

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Game On!

When it comes to entertainment, there's no better way than to go ALL IN! We love inventing new and better game strategies, storylines and interactivity to keep you happy, challenged and coming back for more!

The first game we have in store is sure to have you rolling on the floor in laughter while challenging your pants off! At this time it's just a simple Beta version but with full-scale plans to create it into a 3D masterpiece you'll enjoy playing for years to come!

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Efficiency Anyone?

Now who doesn't like a few or several or tons of great business and social utility apps?... Or wait!  Maybe we'd rather have everything at our fingertips without having to crawl across the endless abyss of the internet?... on our fingers! Maybe we're ready for a new generation of utility, integration, networking and social apps ? Anyone want to save time, money, headache, stress, and gain convenient, efficient, time saving, life saving technologies that make life easy?

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Get In On The Action!

Stay informed and get involved. Stay in touch with upcoming news, releases and updates, or get involved in the discussion, voice your opinion and have a say in helping us make the coolest apps ever! It's up to you!