Our Approach

When it comes to innovation the first questions asked are, "what new needs are arising", and, "what isn't working as well as it should"?  If there's no new need and it's working fine, don't fix it. But if needs aren't being met and it's not working fine... At this point we get outside the box, analyze the box, redesign the box, reconfigure the box, scrap it build a new box, furnish the new box, and come out smiles because we did it right!

This is about making great technology. From graphics, usability, convenience, utility, speed, efficiency, entertainment... While solving problems, challenges, issues, confusion, overwhelm and boredom, of course!

Our Story - Humble Beginnings

My name is Misho and I'm the CEO and Founder of Grandeur Apps. I started this journey two years ago when I saw an opportunity to help the world and be a part of something much greater. Through my love for science, innovation and invention, I saw a path to help the world at large through different mediums and different channels.

Starting from a fledgling idea, it grew inside me until I knew I had to do build make it come to life.

Meet the Team

We're here to make your life better!

Masterpieces are always a work in progress...

Ok, so I'm currently building the company on my own. Fortunately, I do have about 34 developers and virtual assistance I hire as needs be.

And of course, I'm looking for and interviewing potential candidates to join the team.

If you're on this page, looking to be part of a tech company and have some skills to contribute, feel free to send me an email and introduce yourself!

Version 2

Misho Milicevic

Founder & CEO

I was born to invent, I'm a natural systems analyst, I have some background in electronics engineering, I'm self-taught in every field that has built this company so far, and I know more about quantum mechanics than I probably should.

Get In On The Action!

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