An Epic Resurgence of 2D Side Scroller Games

I always loved those old classic 2d side scroller video games like Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Contra, Castlevania and so many others. Then I always loved comedy and laughing my butt off too! Over the years there have been some pretty cool 2D side scroller video games come out, but something seemed to be missing. Maybe there wasn’t anything really new coming out? Or maybe it was just time for a new twist in ingenuity!

An Epic Resurgence of 2D Side Scroller Games-01

Over the recent years I’ve been thinking about this a bit and through a few gut splitting, hard belly laughs, a dear friend and I think we may have come up with just the thing!

On a drive, I can’t remember where, my friend and I started talking mobile games. One topic in gaming led to another and next thing you know, we’re rolling around in laughter and putting together the humble beginnings of what will be the first app launched by my startup company Grandeur Apps.

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So let me tell you about this game. It’s called, “A Bird’s Life”… And what could we attribute to what a bird’s life is like? Well, eating and pooping on stuff of course! So yes, this slapstick funny, side scroller game is all about a bird flying through the air eating along its travels, avoiding obstacles and pooping on all the poor bystanders that cross your path.

Right now the beta version is getting ready for release. This is going to be an incredibly simplified version of the full-blown gameplay, graphics, storyline and strategy we’ve designed. The beta is coming out as the basic concept of a bird (played by you), flying across the screen in a quaint forest, eating dragonflies, avoiding flying sticks and reigning poop on the poor bystanders below. Ha ha, funny no?

An Epic Resurgence of 2D Side Scroller Games-03

The general concept of the game is you eat to get ammo and bomb away to collect points. The points are then used for upgrading the birds’ flying abilities and/or different bombing and bomb types. As of right now, these upgrades will not be part of the first release.  I just want everyone to get a crack at the general concept while my developers continue to add more to the game dynamics.

An Epic Resurgence of 2D Side Scroller Games-04

One cool strategy addition you’ll have to watch out for though is, your bombing spree is slowly making you notorious – gain too much notoriety and those poor bystanders will start firing back at you! Now I couldn’t just let everyone bomb the crap out of everything (no pun intended) without at least some consequence. So naturally, to make this game all that more enticing with its strategy, I decided to add notoriety so players will need to make decisions on how they feel it’s best to proceed with the game in order to finish it.

An Epic Resurgence of 2D Side Scroller Games-05

So that’s just a quick overview and sneak peak at what’s coming! We’re working hard to make sure this side scroller game challenges you, entertains you, makes you think and most importantly leaves you rolling on the floor in laughter!

Keep an eye out for more upcoming news!

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