Future of Fashion Retail

Theez Fit

We're going after something REALLY bold with this project! We've noticed a major problem in online fashion retail... I'm sure you've run into it before... It's the fact that you can't try something on, see how it looks on you or know how it fits. Well, we're tackling the impossible and solving this problem.

Our research has also shown several other factors that really bug you about apparel shopping and we decided it's best we don't leave anything out. So we're putting together the most robust apparel-shopping platform this world has ever seen, because you deserve better!


21st Century Business Cards


The future of business cards is here! With Tapiolla you will now be able to design and create your business cards just the way you want, be able to make multiple versions, keep all your info up to date with all your contacts and... NEVER RUN OUT OF CARDS AGAIN!!!

  • Tap To Share/Exchange
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Auto Update Contact Info
  • Never Lose Received Cards
  • Organize and Categorize Cards
  • Send Reminders/Notifications
  • And So Much More!
ABL-Beta Launch

A New Gaming Strategy

BumBomb Birds

It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it's bird poop! Reigning hell upon the poor bystanders that you'll crush along your journey.  With never before seen controls and strategies, you won't want to put this game down!

Just released the Beta version! It's simple, but it gets the concept out. Download and try it out! Feedback is warmly welcomed. And watch out for coming updates on the reveal of the full 3D version, with an entire storyline, characters, upgrades and more!